Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone participate in RTWD?

Yes. RTWD is a global event open to everyone as a means of encouraging us all to 'run for good' on one day each year.

Do I need a number?

No. We do not send out event numbers. However, when you register you will receive a unique code and this will be your reference number for the event.

What is the cost of participation?

Participation is absolutely free.

How will I know that my registration has been successful?

Once your registration has been authorised you will receive a response by email with your unique registration code.

How do I calculate and upload my mileage?

We are working with a number of partners to enable you to measure and log the mileage you run on RTWD. Keep checking back for more details.

Is there a minimum distance I must run?

Not at all. This is totally for you decide. You could replace just part of your commute with a run. Every mile you run will contribute towards the overall distance achieved on RTWD.

How do I donate my travel money?

Simply visit our event sponsorship page at Virgin Money Giving by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page to donate your travel money and have it automatically attract Gift Aid (UK only).

Can I set up my own sponsorship page?

Sure. If you plan to get friends and family to sponsor your run on RTWD then you may want to set up your own sponsorship page. We would encourage you to do this with Virgin Money Giving and make reference to RTWD so we can try and see how much is raised from your efforts.

Can I raise money for any charity?

Our event sponsorship page is in support of Right To Play (see CHARITY page) but if you wish to raise money for another charity that has special meaning to you that is just fine. If you set up your sponsorship page with Virgin Money Giving and reference RTWD we can add your fundraising efforts to the total for the day.

How does my employer sponsor me?

Many employers now have a match-funding arrangement whereby they match money raised for a charitable cause by an employee. Employers can choose to make individually or one-off payments but their contribution will not be eligible for Gift Aid.

What is the best way to get others involved?

We have posters that you can download and display wherever people congregate at work to spread the message (see Spread The Word! page). Your colleagues may be hesitant to run to work if they don’t know the best route. Just offering to run with someone can sometimes make it more fun for everyone.

Are there any rewards for participation?

Every person that registers for RTWD will receive a link for the current issue and 2 back issues of RunRelay magazine worth £7.49 (US$11.97) to download onto their iPad absolutely FREE. We aim to announce other bonuses from event partners as RUN TO WORK DAY approaches.

What if I live too far away from work to run the whole way?

We appreciate that some people face a daily long distance commute. If this is you consider parking further away from work than usual or getting off the train, tube or bus a few stops early on RTWD and then running the final part of your journey.

What if there is nowhere to get changed at my place of work?

It’s true that some workplaces still don’t have sufficient changing or shower facilities for people who choose to run or cycle to work. If this looks like being a problem for you on RTWD you can maybe ask to use the changing facilities at a nearby swimming pool, health club or gym. Alternatively plan your RTWD run as the trip home after work.

How do I get my normal clothes to work?

If you wear casual dress at work (or you have a dress-down policy on Fridays) then you should be able to carry everything you need with you in a small rucksack. The alternative is to plan ahead and take an extra set of clothes to work in the days before RTWD that you can change into on arrival.

How do I get home from work on RTWD?

Depending on the distance you have a number of options. These include getting dropped home by a work colleague, using public transport, getting collected by your other half or even doubling your RTWD mileage by running home!

I don’t work on a Friday. Can I log my miles over the weekend?

Sure. You could start the ball rolling with a run home on the Thursday night or boost the RTWD total by running in on Saturday morning.

I work at home so how do I log my miles?

We want all home workers to be part of RTWD. Consider any other time you might use the car for a chore and replace it with a run. That could be going to the bank, the post office or the shop. Alternatively just log your daily training run and you are good to go!

Am I able to log my miles on a treadmill?

I guess so. But the real idea here is to get outside and replace a motorised journey with human power.

How can my company get involved in RTWD?

We would be delighted to recognise all businesses that support and encourage their staff to participate in RTWD. Please go to our CONTACT page and let us know what you would like to do.

Why do you ask if I own an iPad?

RTWD is supported by RunRelay magazine which is a premium digital running publication available to iPad users via the Apple Newsstand. Simply by registering for RTWD we shall send you a link for free downloads to the magazine with our compliments.

I’ve got an exciting story to tell about RTWD. Who do I contact?

We look forward to hearing your news. Please get in touch via our CONTACT page.

Can I send my photo or video from RTWD?

If you have a good snap or video clip you think we should be highlighting on the RTWD site please forward it to

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